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You Can’t Do That To Your Tenant, It’s Illegal

Pink Door Management - Thursday, September 5, 2019

At Pink Door Management in the Orlando, Florida area, we encourage homeowners who want to turn their homes into investment properties to hire a professional. There are a lot of advantages to this outside of not having to be the one to deal with that 3 a.m. call that something has gone wrong and requires immediate attention. 

When you hire a professional property manager, they are astute in the laws governing having tenants in your home. They make sure you are in compliance with those laws. Many people assume that because it's their property that they still have certain rights. I once worked with an owner who lived next door to her property and would look over the fence into the yard to see if the pool was being maintained. Well the tenant happened to live behind a privacy fence and was violated while taking an afternoon dip, this is illegal. 

I was once hired by a homeowner for nothing more than they needed help evicting someone. She was refusing to pay rent because of an issue with the air conditioner. The owner had not done the proper background checks to learn that this was a habit this person had. He allowed her in based on how nice she was when he met her after advertising his home for rent. He said he was going to just change the locks, that’s illegal. 

While living in your home there are a lot of things you can do because you live there, but once you turn that home into a rental property, things change. Landlord tenant laws change like many other laws and a great property management company like Pink Door Management has years of experience and stay on top of the changes. Protecting both the owner and the tenant in a very objective manner. Property managers are in essence stress managers, we take on the problems so you can relax. Pink Door Management has had some stories but most  of them have happy endings because we stay on top of the law, we respect both the owner and the tenant. This is essential to making sure we transition the right people into your home and if necessary transition them out with the least amount of problems. We offer a FREE rental analysis of a home you may be considering putting in the rental market or a home you may be considering purchasing as an investment. 

Every state has different laws so if you are not in Florida, I highly recommend finding a professional property manager where you are. Here are a few reasons to hire a professional. 

  • Professional property managers will do proper credit, background and rental checks to make sure your tenants qualify for the home you are offering. 

  • Knowledgeable in the landlord tenant laws, they often get any new changes or updates as they happen so they can implement changes immediately, keep you in compliance. 

  • Typically have a ready list of maintenance peoople to ready your home for renting as soon as possible after another tenant vacates. 

  • Typically have a list of people who can be contacted in the middle of the night if emergencies regarding your property pop up. 

  • Know the ins and outs of the eviction process and can stay on target removing a problem tenant in the fastest time possible. 

  • Keeps a list of repairs, collected rents and other expenses that help you with your taxes at the end of the tax season. 

  • Has measures in place to ensure proper pickup and tracking of rents. 

These are just a few reasons why hiring a professional is a good idea. Please Pop In The Pink Door if you are in the Orlando, Florida area and let us share with you more reasons to allow Pink Door Management to help you with your rental needs. 

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