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Why You Can’t Turn The Water Off On Your Deadbeat Tenant

Pink Door Management - Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Yes, it's your house and they didn’t pay the rent, but you cannot legally turn the water or any other utilities off on your deadbeat tenant to get them to pay. It is illegal and you would be the one in the proverbial hot water. 

Many tenants who don’t pay often have a history. Screening, in the beginning, can often keep problems from happening down the line. Unfortunately, many decide to become landlords with pie in the sky of becoming Real Estate moguls without taking into account that managing property can be a pain in the rear without the proper experience. 

At Pink Door Management, in Clermont Florida, we have the experience to take care of all of your tenant screening needs and collect your rent on time. Many novice owners try to go on their gut for allowing tenants into their property. They often do not thoroughly check references. A lousy tenant will usually have a network of friends that they can get to vouch for them if you are making phone calls. Inexperienced landlords will also often call the person the tenant is moving away from. If the tenant is a bad one, the current landlord is happy to hear from you and will tell you anything to help them out of their property. A call to the person they rented from before their current residence may yield better results. However, why rely on those old-fashioned methods and risk your property and potentially your safety. Pink Door Management runs several checks before allowing tenants to just arbitrarily move into your precious investment. We want to make sure they don’t have a poor rental history, no criminal records and can afford to pay the market rent. 

At Pink Door Management in Clermont, Florida we have professional agents on the ready for all of your property management needs. Late night problems, no problem. We want to make sure you can relax when you use our services. If for some reason, your tenant has an issue and must be removed, we know all the legal ways to make this happen and turning off the utilities is not only not legal but won’t be necessary. 

At Pink Door Management, we pride ourselves on always knowing what is current in the statutes for the landlord-tenant law to keep you in compliance. At Pink Door Management, not only do we take care of screening your tenants but we handle everything from marketing to the maintenance of your investment. For your peace of mind, we also offer you a portal to check on your money. Robust financial reporting allows you to stay in tune with how your investment is performing. 

Don’t take on the headache of trying to do it alone, your time is better spent doing the things you love. Repairing toilets, screening tenants and trying to figure out if you are on the right schedule to evict quickly is what we do. We can also help you build your investment portfolio of rental homes. Not only is Pink Door Management in Clermont a place where you can bring your investment desires, but we can also help you purchase and sell as well. Pink Door Management has a full-service Real Estate office called Scates Realty. Our firm well covers Clermont, Florida and we are here to assist you with all of your Real Estate needs. We hope you will give us a chance to help you grow your portfolio. 

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