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We Love Our Heroes

Pink Door Management - Thursday, January 10, 2019

At Pink Door Management, an Orlando, Florida Property Management Company, we love our heroes. Over the years, our agents have truly put their money where their mouths are. In 2018, we helped 14 heroes save over $30k on their homes, saving each one an average of $2,380.00 on their homes. This is not small change to the hero nor the agent. We are proud to do it. 

Who Are Our Heroes?

It seems that many may take these brave men and women for granted but here at Pink Door Management in the Orlando, Florida area, we do not. We honor those that are in the classroom. Teachers are becoming some of our bravest in our list of heroes. In a time where protecting our children has become more than just the idea of them having a place to go during the day where adults keep them challenged and entertained. In a time where mass shootings are now targeting our schools, our teachers are battle ready with more than just reading and writing.

Healthcare professionals make sure we are taken care of physically and sometimes mentally. They do a little more than kiss our boo-boos, they do so much that just can’t be written out. They too deal with a lot of stress doing their best to help us get back to our best. They do a lot that we don’t always see or appreciate from research to handling traumatic ER rooms. 

Military and Veterans, you volunteered to put on the uniform and signed up for the ultimate sacrifice. So many don’t realize that when you become a member of the military that your job is war but your goal is always peace. To know the moment you head off to basic training, the understanding is if you must lay down your life, then you are willing and many have. At Pink Door Management, we respect you from beginning to end. We end our year laying Christmas Wreaths for the fallen and all year long, you get our Hero Rewards and our respect. Many of our agents and associates are Veterans.

Law Enforcement Officers go into the areas of town that many of us won’t even drive through. They know that with every single call, no matter how minor it may be, could escalate to something dangerous. They help keep us feeling safe and secure in situations that can be downright scary. They go in brave and ready for anything. At Pink Door Management, we don’t discount that at all, what we do offer is a saving to these brave individuals and their families. We appreciate your sacrifice and make one of our own in the way of offering you rewards for your sacrifice.

Firefighters run in when everyone is running out. These men and women put themselves in harm's way in more ways than we realize. They are equipped for medical issues, fires and most people don’t know that their fire stations are also considered safe havens. They truly leave us feeling like we are dealing with men and women who should have superhero capes in their uniform packets. At Pink Door Management, we truly appreciate their sacrifice and we spend a lot of time with these folks, they def deserve pink capes. They are our superheroes! 

If you are in any of these categories and own investment homes, we can save you money on management and if you want to own investment property, our sister company Scates Realty & Investments can help you make that dream a reality. Those hero rewards extend there as well and we at Pink Door Management & Scates Realty guarantee the most hero savings among all of the National programs available, we want to make sure you and your family have a financial legacy to go along with your heroism. 

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