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Real Estate Equals Relationships

Pink Door Management - Tuesday, August 27, 2019

When you decided to help someone buy or sell a home or an investment property, there is more at stake than a commission check. Depending on the reasons people are buying and selling, this can really be a highly emotional situation for them. As professional Real Estate agents, it is our job to remain objective. However, we must also recognize that if our personalities or our way of doing business does not line up, it could become a disaster. 

At Scates Realty and Investments in the Orlando, Florida area, we know the importance of building relationships. We don't build relationships with the thought in mind that one day this will equal potential sales. That's not an actual relationship. Our crew is out in the community doing things they actually enjoy, helping to improve the world around us. 

We are a part of the Homes For Heroes program which allows us to help our heroes buy and sell homes. We contribute a portion of our commissions so these amazing people and their families can have additional funds to help them in their transactions. 

Our agents are involved in acting, modeling, helping rescue animals find forever homes, knitting and so much more. Building relationships in our community is not only important for our business but we live in the communities in which we work.  We want you to know that we are more than just folks who help others buy and sell homes

Time to knit some prayer shawls!

We want you to know that we are more than just folks who help others buy and sell homes, we are your neighbors. We love our communities and want to see them flourish. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Event

When you think of buying or selling a home or investment property in the Orlando, Florida area, please remember, we are more than professional agents, we live here too!

Wreaths Across America

We hope that you will Pop In The Pink Door and allow us to get to know you! You can contact us at 352-404-8960 and we will happily help you become a part of our growing community. 

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