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Pink Door Management - Monday, March 18, 2019

It seems everywhere you turn, you see bad news. Well we are here with some good news for those who are typically a part of the many bad news stories. At Scates Realty & Investments in Orlando, Florida, we pour into our heroes. 

Who do we consider a hero? Law Enforcement, Firefighters, EMT’s, Medical professionals, Teachers, Active-Duty military and Veterans. These are the people who have sacrificed more than many of us will ever even think about. They put their lives on the line in many cases and they are the educators who held mold future generations. 

These dedicated men and women deserve more than they get and here at Scates Realty & Investments in Orlando, Florida, we want to give back in the only way we can. When they purchase, sell or invest in real estate, we offer them hero rewards. In 2018, Scates Realty & Investments in Orlando Florida contributed an average of $2,380.66 to these marvelous men and women. We want to do even more in 2019!

Do you know a hero? Send them over to Pop In The Pink Door and let us put our money where our mouths are. Our agents are ready to roll out the pink carpet for these brave folks. 

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