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3 Reasons Why Investing In Rental Property In Central Florida Is The Best Idea Ever

Pink Door Management - Wednesday, November 21, 2018

There are 3 reasons we think investing in rental property in Central Florida is a brilliant move. We realize its a bold statement but it is not made without some solid reasoning. Pink Door Management which is the sister company to Scates Realty & Investments has been helping those in the Central Florida, Orlando area for over a decade with their property needs. Pink Door Management does its best to show you that holding on to your properties is a strategic move that can pay dividends over the long haul.

There are some unique things about not just Central Florida but Florida, in general, that makes it a destination that many want to vacation and retire to. With the beautiful warm and sunny weather year round there is never a shortage of both families and industry moving into the area.

With all of that having been said, let’s see those 3 reasons that investing in rental property in Central Florida is a good idea. 

  • Home prices are quite affordable if you look at the history of the ebb and flow of property. 

Market naysayers will talk about how the prices in Central Florida fluctuate. There are times when homes are so pricey that many first time homebuyers have a difficult time getting in. However, when you are looking a home as an investment property, its these times that you are happy you purchased. If you were going to rid yourself of something in your portfolio, this is where you would do that. Investing in Real Estate is not the same as buying a home for your family. It is about buy low and sell high to maximize your earning potential.

When the market is low, wholesale prices on homes makes buying in bulk (yes, we love when investors buy in bulk) as long as the investor has the fortitude to hold and not flip right away, these homes can provide a very lucrative living. 

  • There is always a new influx of people and businesses. 

Florida is very business friendly. This is why many large corporations come to the Central Florida area. The tax structure for businesses and the favorable government policies make Central Florida a great place for the more significant industry to come to the area. Not to mention that you are never more than 2 hours from the beach no matter where you are, that’s a bonus. 

Florida is home to DisneyWorld, The Rosen Hotel chain, Amazon warehouses, JetBlue, Lockheed Martin and so many more. This is just a small sampling of the significant names that are housed in the area driving people to move into the Orlando area and the areas of Central Florida immediately located around it. 

  • Vacation Rentals & Timeshares are making the neighbors angry. 

If you have been paying attention to some of the recent headlines, you know that companies like Airbnb are angering the neighbors. There are always new people in the communities, the local renters cannot find spaces to live because many owners are turning their homes into short-term lodging to capitalize on the income. Central Florida has not been one of the areas where Pink Door Management has an issue so we also have a division called Pink Door Holiday Homes where we can help you turn that investment property into a vacation rental. 

Let’s face it, at Pink Door Management, one of the reasons we believe that investing in rental property in Central Florida and the Orlando area, in particular, is the best idea EVER is because we have a lot of options to help you earn on that investment. Pop in the pink door and let us show you what we can do for you. 

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